Reasons Why Youths and/or Women Engage in Prostitution

Reasons Why Youths and/or Women Engage in Prostitution

Prostitution, monikered as ‘the oldest profession in the world’, tops the list of the most common social vices. Many people condone the practice of prostitution while many others think decriminalizing prostitution would somehow liberate the prostitutes on different levels. Prostitution isn’t restricted to only homosexuals, as a big chunk of prostitutes happen to be transgenders. Many studies report that homosexuals and transgenders are more likely to indulge in fornication in contrast to heterosexuals. Few countries like Argentina and Belgium have legalized prostitution, while the rest of the countries have either criminalized it fully or have partially decriminalized it. But many, in this gigantic number of people indulging in the world’s oldest profession, haven’t chosen the trade themselves as there are various factors that have coerced them into choosing prostitution as their livelihood. The reasons listed below are only some of the reasons, among the myriad more of them.


Poverty has the same reasons as survival sex does: both to make ends meet and to subsist. One of the most prominent reasons why women resort to prostitution is indigence. Prostitution pays a lot of money, and so, is easily alluring to a lot of women—women who have the choice of choosing other professions. The poverty rate has been at an all-time high, and prostitution has become a means of easy work. It is a common fact that even people with enough educational merits to get a job indulge in whoredom, so as to make an extra buck.

Rape Victims, Child Labour and Trafficking

A small percentage of sex workers worldwide happen to be unfortunate victims to rape and sexual abuse. Rape, child labour and trafficking are all concomitant with each other, and are on the same platform. Children who suffer traumas are incapacitated by perpetrators and molesters of their ability to disassociate and differentiate moral values from sex. Some develop low self-esteem and some develop sexual disorders and maladies. Many more are enslaved since childhood, and are looked at as means of benefiting their capitalist and personal agendas.

Peer Pressure

This factor is often disregarded and not considered important, seeing as to how today’s world functions. People at parties and carousels are often encouraged, under the influence, to engage in sexual activities, indoctrinating them to develop a taste for excessive sex. Peer pressure has one of the highest impacts on the character of an individual. And when the individual sees no shame in engaging in sexual activities, they’d start seeking and yearning more for sex.

Quick Means of Money

Youths today are lackadaisical and nihilistic. Many cogitate on methods of getting rich quick without the need for good old hard work. Such people are highly influenced by the habits of their colleagues and develop a propensity to follow what their peer or colleagues might be into. At such a point, prostitution presents them with immense, but immoral benefits, to which, they fall easy prey to.