Reasons Why Escort Services are Better than Prostitution

Reasons Why Escort Services are Better than Prostitution

Even though most of the men seek the same pleasures from both prostitutes and escorts, there is a major difference between both the professions. While prostitution is illegal in most of the countries, escort services are acceptable to a certain level under a dedicated law. People rate of prostitution has reduced by a huge margin since the escort services have started providing more advanced services than before. Plenty of online escort services are available for people to choose from and here are the reasons why they are better.


The escort services are discreet and take care of the security and privacy of their clients. Prostitution, on the other hand, is a street business you will compromise on your identity as soon as you pick an escort from the streets. The escort services provide discreet incall and outcall services, where you can meet an escort at their place or call them to a hotel room or your place without having to go pick them up. It assures that no one will catch you with an escort outside the rooms.


Escorts live a quality lifestyle. They take care of their health, fitness, and are also not addicted to any kinds of drugs. If a client offers drinks and drugs to an escort, she is free to make her own choices without fearing about anyone. The prostitutes, however, are mostly very careless about their lifestyle. They are addicted to one or the other kind of drug due to which they offer sex for money. They also hold a huge risk of being infected by an STD.


Escorts are more professional than prostitutes. They train themselves to be able to provide a quality experience to their clients. They learn the cheerful attitude and acting for entertaining their clients. They make sure that the client gets what they asked for and take their role in the profession very seriously. Prostitutes do not care much about client experience. They usually would agree to do what the clients ask but show no interest in it. It is just a quick hit session with a prostitute, whereas an escort enjoys the moments with her client.


The escorts today are more mature and aware of their job. They know the best for themselves and why they are doing it. Most of the escorts have a secondary profession or a hobby which they are pursuing while having a good source of income. They earn a lot from their profession and use it for paying their bills, education, travels, and other things. They are independent enough to take good care of themselves. The prostitutes are a different case. They get paid less, which does not help in solving all their financial problems. Also, they mostly spend the money on drugs and are pretty careless with their lifestyle. They can also create drama in front of the client if it benefits them in any way, which is an immature behaviour that no one expects.