Latest Stats About the Adult Industry

Latest Stats About the Adult Industry

The adult industry has always been under questionable points since it’s very inception. Due to this nature, governments across the world were not happy and did everything in their power to ban this content. But as things changed, sites and other kinds of services became more active and predominant than ever. This force was not something people expected but did not point fingers thanks to the law. Since we are also not pointing fingers, we decided to look into stats. So based on recent information and analysis, here are some stats about the adult industry.

The Source

With the most extensive sets of production and value, it is quite safe to look at the United States for matters of introduction. Their content is all around the internet, and numerous states have their key figures. For this purpose, data reveals that around 60% of all porn content comes from the US. This also goes ahead to indicate that about 428 million individual pages are hosted in the country. If we are going below the table, then countries like the Netherlands (27%), UK (7%) also come into the picture. This, on the whole, goes to prove that around 713 million pages of porn are hosted all around the world.

The Matter of Domain

For a long time, people have been thinking about the domain criteria for porn sites since most of them tend to host doubtful material. If you believe that their content can come into the picture and rule out domains, then you were wrong. In reality, around 82.5% of porn sites use the same old, .com. Yes, that’s right. By doing so, these websites can bank on credibility since their sites are legitimate as the rest. Apart from that, domains like .net, .org also come into the picture. To make matters specific, this goes out to prove that porn websites use the same domain like the rest. With the right kind of success and availability, porn tends to bloom in terms of revenue and so on.

Into the US

With figures like 60%, going into the US only makes sense, if you want to extract more about porn. This figure also goes deep into states and brings up the question about which states hold most of them. If you have been guessing, then you need to know that California comes first in the picture. Their long history with porn goes higher up the table in terms of production, and the states stand first with around 66%. New York and Texas share a tie at the second spot with about 8%. Going by these figures, nothing seems to stand as a hurdle towards making more content that gets known as porn.